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By: Michigan Wellness Council



two is better than one!

MWC members can now receive access to WELCOA tools and resources!

Michigan Wellness Council is excited to offer an opportunity to our members where you have access to leading national resources and tools through WELCOA and continue to receive discounted access to our regional events. We hope that the combined membership will allow you to enhance your work in the workplace wellbeing field and engage with practitioners on both a national and regional level.

Our mission at MWC is to continue to look for ways to inspire implementation of leading workplace wellness strategies through thought-leadership and education. Our partnering with WELCOA is another way to fulfill our goals and have an impact in our communities. And by Joining both WELCOA + Michigan Wellness Council you will save… A combined WELCOA + MWC memberships is $400. Already a WELCOA member? Add MWC membership for $75. Already a MWC member? Add the WELCOA membership for $325. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity!

New to WELCOA? They offer more than 40 training and certification courses included in the cost of membership, and hundreds of resources aimed at improving your worksite wellness outcomes. As a way to get to know the WELCOA’s resources, we are excited to be able to make available to share a tool to use as a guide to consider compliance issues. (WELCOA members have monthly access to a legal webinar to hear the latest news on compliance, and to ask questions of a legal expert.)

Become a member today to further develop and celebrate your organization as a healthy place to work. Start today by taking advantage of another resource – WELCOA’s Checklist by clicking here .The Checklist is a 150-item organization-facing assessment which measures the extent to which an organization is following WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks. Upon completion,  customized reporting is provided with recommendations and links to the corresponding WELCOA resource.


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Contact: Rita Patel, Executive Director

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