“PS” To February’s Wages and Fringe Benefits Act Article

By: Claudia D. Orr

In February I wrote an article entitled “Michigan Appellate Court Calls for a Conflict Panel to Decide Issue under Michigan Wages and Fringe Benefits Act (“WFBA”).  I was pretty excited that, in Ramos v Intercare Community Health Network, the Court of Appeals not only issued a published opinion concerning the WFBA, but had called for a special conflict panel to decide whether the prior holding in Reo v Lane Bryant, Inc, 211 Mich App 364 (1995), should be overturned.

In Reo, the Court of Appeals had examined whether an employee had the right to be free of retaliation/discrimination where the employee had exercised a right on the act on his own behalf. The Reo court held that the “employee must be exercising a right afforded by the act on behalf of another employee or other person.  Simply exercising a right on one’s own behalf would not bring an employee within the purview of [MCL 408.483].”  The majority in Ramos disagreed with that holding, but was bound to follow the precedent.

The Ramos court’s request for a special panel to revisit the holding in Reo was summarily denied by an order of the Court of Appeals on February 21, 2018.  I am now slightly less excited about the Ramos opinion, but it is still a treat to have a published opinion addressing a Michigan wage law.

This article was written by Claudia D. Orr, who is Secretary of the Board of Detroit SHRM, a member of the Legal Affairs Committee, and an experienced labor/employment attorney at the Detroit office of Plunkett Cooney (a full service law firm and resource partner of Detroit SHRM).  She can be reached at corr@plunkettcooney.com or at (313) 983-4863. For further information go to: http://www.plunkettcooney.com/people-105.html.

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