2017 Compensation in MI Non-Manufacturing Salary Survey


By: Merces Consulting

To participate in the 2017 MI Non-Manufacturing Salary Survey please contact Linda Budd / Merces Consulting at 248.721.9561.

For over 25 years Merces Consulting Group, Inc. has collaborated with the Michigan Manufacturers Association and a number of other Michigan trade associations to conduct annual salary and benefit surveys. Participants receive a free summary copy as well as purchase discounts on the full report. To date, more than 100 manufacturers and over 80 non-manufacturers have submitted data to be included in this year’s reports. The number of different industry reports prepared by Merces will be based on total participation; all participants will be contacted at a later date to let them know what will be available.  At a minimum there will be a “Non-Manufacturing Edition” available for the same price as the Manufacturing Edition. The “All Industry” edition will continue to include all the data for all the jobs from all survey participants.”