DisruptHR Detroit

By: Ultimate Software

DisruptHR Detroit is coming to the Garden Theater on Wednesday, September 27th from 6-8 pm.

Disrupt is an information exchange designed to energize, inform, and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field.

Events have happened around the country for years, and this is the first event in Detroit. The event itself is a group of 12 speakers talking on topics around talent, culture, technology, and other employee-related topics that disrupt the HR world.

The catch? Each talk is only 5 minutes with slides rotating every 15 seconds. It’s fast-moving and a lot of fun. The speakers were just announced for the first event:

  • Travis Furlow – Paperclip Thinking: How many ways can we…
  • Greg Modd – No Excuses, Just Results
  • Shenandoah Chefalo – Building a Resilient Workforce
  • Steve Lowisz – The Drift & Shift
  • James Reid – HR from a Legal Perspective: Stories better than fiction
  • Christie Hecht – Confessions of a Millennial
  • Susan Bailey – Go ahead…Don’t take care of your employees
  • Nicholas Larche – Your Employer Has Seen You Naked
  • Jasmine Burns – Who Said Sales and Recruiting Aren’t the Same
  • Susan West – Stop the Havoc!
  • Patrick Wright – True Intelligence vs. A.I.
  • Rita Fields – When Your Emperor Has No Clothes

Interested in attending? Tickets now on sale: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/disrupthr-detroit-tickets-35992073260 or http://disrupthr.co/detroit/

Interested in sponsoring? Contact Christie Hecht – 248.229.5125 or Christie_Hecht@ultimatesoftware.com