Happy 10th Birthday Retirewise

Happy 10th Birthday Retirewise
The award winning Retirewise® workshop series is celebrating 10 years of offering comprehensive financial and retirement planning education to employees of all ages and career stages.

What is Retirewise?
Retirewise is an onsite financial education program that is offered at no cost to employers or employees.  The program offers objective information on a broad spectrum of financial topics in each of the four workshops, ranging from budgeting and investing to tax strategies and estate planning. The workshops are presented in person, at the workplace, by a locally based specially trained Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company financial professional.

Education is An Employee’s Greatest Asset
After attending a Retirewise workshop, all employees (100%) would recommend the series and 91% plan to take action from increasing or rebalancing 401(k) contributions to creating a budget or will.  Retirewise also complements and supports your benefit offerings with 90% of participants better understanding their benefits.* Here’s a link to learn even more. 

We Have Solid Experience…and the Numbers to Prove it.
It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the first groundbreaking Retirewise workshop was held in 2008 in San Jose, CA with 25 employees.   Since then, we’ve held over 8700 workshops nationwide for over 160,000 employees**!  We are the true pioneers of financial wellness in the workplace.

Make Retirewise Part of Your Financial Wellness Solution

(The Retirewise workshop has been approved for 5 Professional Development Credits.)

To learn more about Retirewise click here.

For more information contact: Cherri Smith 313-516-2992

*Retirewise Satisfaction Survey, 2016

**Retirewise Workshop Tracking Report, 2016

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