Achieving Success in HR Leadership

Submitted by: Ulliance

Last month, the Ulliance team joined more than 1,300 human resources professionals at Michigan HR Day to exchange ideas, share best practices and connect with other human resources practitioners from across the state. During one conference workshop, attendees had the opportunity to learn about HR leadership vitality from Ulliance President and CEO, Kent Sharkey.

In his breakout session, Sharkey shared challenges that HR leaders face on a regular basis. Coaching an employee on poor job performance typically tops the list. He cited work-life issues, such as personal stress, alcohol and drug abuse, family problems and legal and financial issues as also having an effect on an individual’s job performance.

According to the Mental Health America Attitudinal Survey of how employees alleviate stress and pressure, 42 percent of respondents indicated they were more likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and do drugs, while 37 percent stated they took prescribed medications to deal with their issues. Not only are these habits bad for employees, they have a negative impact on productivity and an organization’s bottom line.

Human resources professionals who understand the correlation between stress management and work performance can help their teams achieve success.  How employees view their environment impacts their ability to cope and whether or not they will achieve their on-the-job performance goals. Individuals can’t eliminate or control sources of stress; however, employees can control their reactions to stress and focus on what they can change…their performance at work.

All HR managers should encourage employees to take advantage of their company’s employee assistance program (EAP.) A comprehensive EAP, such as Ulliance’s, can help employees tackle work-life issues that may hinder their job performance. A dedicated counselor can help them address their personal and professional concerns, as well as help find solutions to achieve their goals.

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