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Michigan Wellness Council
Thursday – Friday,  May 18-19, 2017 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm both days conducted by Larry Chapman of the Chapman Institute

Course Description: Certified Wellness Program Coordinator (CWPC) is the foundation and most popular WellCert program. If wellness programming is only part of your job, Level 1 gives you what you need to maximize your impact. If you work on wellness/well-being full-time, Level 1 is a necessary foundation built on by Level 2 Certified Wellness Program Manager for the broader list of skills you need. Level 1 Certified Wellness Program Coordinator training is highly practical. Our two days of content, case studies and materials prepare you to deliver results. Each participant receives a hard copy and an electronic copy of the 250+ page Course Workbook that includes slides, exercises, and printed resources. That workbook is shipped to you within a week of signing up for online and webinar certification courses. For in-person training, the course workbook will be provided when you arrive for day one.

Upon completion of the course, exercises, and course evaluation, Chapman Institute formally confers the certification and adds your name to our online registry. WellCert grads must complete two continuing education online modules on the Chapman Institute website each year to maintain their certification in active status.

Course Description:

  1. How to build strong senior management support.
  2. How to assess your employees’ wellness needs.
  3. How to use a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).
  4. How to set your wellness strategy.
  5. How to design your organizational infrastructure.
  6. How to design your technology infrastructure.
  7. How to design effective wellness communications.
  8. How to design your health management process.
  9. How to design group activities.
  10. How to create a supportive environment for wellness.
  11. How to design onsite programming.
  12. How to perform a simple evaluation of your program.

 Location: Priority Health 27777 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI 48034-2337

Registration: $949 (members); $1,249 non-members http://www.michiganwellnesscouncil.org/events/training-wellcert-level-1-may-18-19-2017/ (Become a member)

 Michigan Wellness Council (MWC) is a nonprofit whose mission is to be the trusted resource and connector for workplace wellness collaboration with the vision to improve health through the successful integration of wellness best practices in the workplace through access to quality resources and forums. Michigan Wellness Council offers regular public group meetings and an annual conference for developing, implementing, and revising worksite wellness programs.