New Employment Law Posters



By Karen L. Piper


The federal Department of Labor has updated its Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) posters.  The updated FLSA and EPPA posters must be posted immediately (effective August 1, 2016).  Copies of these new posters are available on-line. 

            The new FLSA poster:

  • Adds a section on the rights of a nursing mother to reasonable breaks in a suitable place for up to one year after her child’s birth to express breast milk and
  • Adds information warning against misclassifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees.

The new EPPA poster no longer specifies the penalty amount for a violation.  It now states that the Secretary of Labor may bring suit to restrain violations and assess civil penalties.

The FMLA poster was revised to make it more user-friendly.  It also is available on-line, but employers are not required to post the newly revised poster. 

For information about the latest developments in workplace law, such as these new posting requirements, consult experienced employment counsel, such as the author. 

This article was written by Karen L. Piper, who is Secretary of the Board of Detroit SHRM, a member of its Legal Affairs Committee, and a Member of Bodman PLC, which represents employers, only, in Workplace Law.  Ms. Piper can be reached at Bodman’s Troy office at (248) 743-6025 or

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