Employee Assistance Programs Can Provide More than Health-Related Services


By: Ulliance

Employer-provided health care benefits are a real job perk, most often including medical, dental and vision. While many employees are well-versed in what their organization’s benefit package offers, some may not be aware of the full complement of benefits available to them…including those provided through their employee assistance program (EAP).

According to SHRM, an EAP is a work-based intervention program designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems – most commonly emotional problems, family issues, and substance/alcohol abuse – that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance.

Did you know that an EAP can also address financial and legal concerns/issues? An EAP can pair your employees with a local attorney or certified financial planner to provide advice and solutions, as well as help them plan for the future.

EAP legal services can include:

·         Consulting with a local plan attorney to help them understand issues related to personal legal matters

·         Helping them understand the complex legal language in important documents

·         Resolving simple disputes with a third party

·         Creating a will to help them express their final wishes to loved ones

EAP financial planning benefits can include:

·         Credit counseling to guide employees through possible causes and solutions to their financial issues

·         Debt management programs to help them consolidate debt into one, lower monthly payment 

·         Access to financial literacy materials to help employees educate themselves

·         Contact with a certified financial planner to help them plan for the future

In developing a benefits package that best suits their organization’s employees, as well as the bottom line, human resource managers have a complete menu of EAP options to consider beyond the standard offerings. A well-rounded program can reap great rewards for both the organization and its people. EAPs can help lower healthcare costs, improve employee emotional and physical health and increase morale within the organization.

Ulliance, an international service company headquartered in Troy, provides programs and services to organizations’ staff to help them work through conflicts, address personal concerns including financial and legal issues, as well as embrace life’s challenges. For more information about Ulliance’s Life Advisor Employee Assistance Program, please visit www.ulliance.com or call 866-648-8326.