Ulliance Provides Job Search Insight to Crossroads of Michigan Participants


Ulliance President and CEO Kent Sharkey recently provided job search insight to job seekers served by Crossroads of Michigan. The presentation was part of the Crossroads Job Club which provides opportunities to its participants through a variety of speakers covering important employment topics.

Sharkey addressed the group as part of the Troy-based company’s Community Involvement Program. He offered the following suggestions during his lunchtime talk:

  • Develop your game plan by highlighting skills and qualifications to make a resume stand out
  • Fully complete an application to ensure a potential employer reviews
  • Utilize action words such as “achieved,” “implemented,” or “supervised” in a resume, while avoiding overused words and phrases like “dynamic,” “detail oriented,” and “proven track record”
  • Prepare for the different types of interviews a job seeker can encounter: 1-on-1; round robin; panel; stress; behavioral; situational; telephone; directed; and non-directed
  • Use a network, including employment agencies, to discover job opportunities
  • Follow up with the interviewer, emphasizing areas and skills that are needed for the job

“Ulliance is proud to invest in communities where we live and work,” said Sharkey. “Our vital mission is to ‘make a difference in the lives of the people we help’ and through providing valuable job search insight, participants are armed with the knowledge and understanding to help them find their next job.”

Sharkey also discussed personal branding as well as overcoming obstacles during the job search process.

“There are many social cues in the job seeking process, many of which need to be learned. Kent Sharkey did a great job helping our Job Club participants learn the ins-and-outs of finding a job,” said Fitz Renas, Employment Office Supervisor for Crossroads of Michigan.

The information Sharkey shared during the event is part of Ulliance’s Career Transition Services (CTS) which is designed to help displaced workers search for new opportunities, as well provide support to current staff during an organization’s downsizing.

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