Detroit SHRM Resource Partners Enjoy a Nutritious Breakfast



May 25, 2016

Guests attending the recent Detroit SHRM resource partner meeting at Ulliance were treated to a nutritious morning breakfast, courtesy of Ulliance’s culinary specialist Chef Paul Penney, who prepared a power meal packed full of protein, calcium and fiber.

Attendees dined on breakfast burritos made with free-range eggs, black beans, low-fat cheese and salsa. Along with the 12 grams of protein found in the egg, cheese and beans, the tortilla provided an additional six grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber! That is one-third of the daily required fiber and three ounces of lean protein in a nutrient-dense bundle of food.

Chef Paul teaches people how to prepare healthy, easy and practical meals during Ulliance’s wellness Chef Paul Collagehealthy cooking demonstrations, part of the Life Advisor Wellness service line.  Chef Paul’s knowledge and expertise helps clients to make healthier choices when dealing with a busy work schedule. Programs such as these promote long-term behavioral changes that can positively impact employees’ health and ultimately their personal and professional lives.

Chef Paul paired the burritos with low-fat Greek yogurt fruit parfaits. Greek yogurt is especially high in protein and full of probiotics, the good bacteria bodies need to help the digestive process. Another Chef Paul tip? Stay away from sugary fruit yogurts.  Many contain as much sugar as a can of Coca-Cola. Instead, add vanilla extract and fresh fruit to plain yogurt for sweetness without adding the additional sugary carbs. Fresh fruits contain zero fat, are high in antioxidants and not to mention great tasting.

To schedule a Chef Paul wellness healthy cooking demonstration or for more information about Ulliance’s Life Advisor Wellness program, please visit