H-1B Professional Worker Visa Sponsorship: Getting Ready for Another Year of Craziness!

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As the economy continues to improve, and available skilled workers are harder and harder to find, consideration of foreign worker candidates has become unavoidable for U.S. companies across a wide spectrum of industries. Unfortunately, the U.S. immigration system for temporary work visa sponsorships has remained largely unchanged since 1990, creating enormous yearly headaches for HR executives struggling to fill critical, high-tech and high-skill openings within their organizations.

Join us for this hour-long discussion where you will learn how the H-1B visa sponsorship system really works; how to successfully and safely hire temporary foreign workers; what the risks and benefits are; and how to ensure that your company and HR team stays in strict compliance with the counter-intuitive DHS and DOL laws and regulations.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the H-1B work visa “cap” / quota system and who is subject to the annual visa lottery on April 1?
  • F-1 International Students with Optional Practical Training work authorization
    • How long can they work in the U.S. on that status, and when/how to change them to H-1B Professional Workers?
  • Placing H-1B Professional Workers at 3rd party, client worksites
    • What is required to ensure visa sponsorship approval?
  • H-1B Professional Worker mobility. How to safely move a foreign worker to a new worksite and stay in compliance.

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Chris Allen

Immigration Attorney
Dickinson Wright PLLC

After more than two decades focusing exclusively on immigration law, Chris Allen joined the Dickinson Wright Immigration Group in 2013, bringing with him an established practice spanning the full spectrum of nonimmigrant and immigrant sponsorship for both the individual and corporate clients, in a wide variety of industries. With a specialty certification in European Law from Tulane University and a passion for technology and innovation, Chris has helped countless companies to establish themselves in the U.S. and to make the Global Mobility process for their employees as seamless as possible.